Learning at Serendipity

At Serendipity, the focus is on child-centered activities. This means that the choices are left for the children to make. This teaches initiative and independence, because the choices are not being made for them. It instills a sense of responsibility and respect, because they must follow the rules. It accommodates greater individualized learning because children proceed at their own pace.

At Serendipity, children's activities center on objects and experiences that develop more fully their understanding of what they can see, touch, hear, smell,
and taste. Objects are safe, fun, and can be manipulated in different ways as children develop their awareness and discover details and relationships. Teachers, trained to understand the sequences children experience as they learn provide the play props. They set the stage for each learning experience. Then they stand back allowing the children freedom of choice, the freedom to learn in their own way, at their own pace. Teachers recognize when to give individuals attention to a particular child; helping a child reach out to share a new discovery, reminding another of a vital piece that is just outside his range of vision, or just giving a quick hug, or a word of encouragement.

Children's natural curiosity and desire to make sense of their world motivates them to become involved in learning activities. We learn best what we do by ourselves, Or as Piaget put it:

"Every time we teach a child something we prevent him from discovering it himself."