Our Programs

Infants and Toddlers: Children are free to move about in safe, stimulating indoor and outdoor spaces. Their basic needs are attended to with respect and patience. Our caregivers understand the importance of predictability and repetition.

Pre-School: Exploration! Hours and hours experiencing both the new and different as well as the old, familiar, and comfortable. Pre-reading and pre-math skills are developed through developmentally appropriate play.

Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten:

Active involvement with written language and numbers. Children work together to accomplish self-determined teacher facilitated goals, that equal or surpass all state or local district requirements for reading and math skills. Small class size and a longer school day guarantee greater individualized attention for a child. Cognitive learning is integrated through activities using real-life objects and materials. We avoid experiences that focus on isolated development, memorization, and rote repetition exemplified by workbooks or dittos have been shown to offer few lasting benefits.

Before and After Care for School-Age Children: Home-like, with nutritious snacks; a chance to rest on a bean bag, sofa, or other comfortable spot. We also help with homework. Our organized recreation activities are designed to channel energy into positive, satisfying play. Team work, leadership, and respect for others are encouraged through adult modeling and cooperative play. Regular field trips, gymnastics, dance, and tutoring programs enhance children's experiences.

Summer Camp and "Kinder" Camp: Programs for school-age children that keep them active and interested for the entire summer!