What Makes Us Special?

OUR STAFF is warm and caring. They are committed to enriching children's lives even as, they attend to the children's most basic needs. All staff members meet or exceed state requirements for training and experience. They participate in regular in-service training and professional workshops to insure their continued professional growth.

COMMUNICATION with parents is active and ongoing. Parent/teacher conferences are encouraged and may be arranged to fit parents' buys schedules. Less formal communication in person or by phone, is regular and frequent.
Parent involvement as volunteers in our classrooms is greatly appreciated.

SAFETY AND SECURITY are insured through careful planning, staff training, regular maintenance of classrooms and yards, effective evaluation and quality control. CPR/First Aid training is required of all staff members.

Because healthy bodies are necessary for successful learning, NUTRITION has a high priority. Our meals feature fresh fruits and vegetables, with only limited use of canned or frozen foods. We serve no sweets, 'junk' food or foods prepared with additives such as preservatives, sulfites, etc.