Our Values

Children learn values in much the same way they learn about the world: The watch what their parents, teachers and freinds do. They hear stories, with their underlying morals and messages, told by their parents, teachers and friends about life and other important things.
They experience the consequences of their actions.
They observe the consequesnces others experience.
At Serendipity, we help children understand and stay mindful of the importance of

RESPECT: for others, for others' property, and for ourselves.

RESPONSIBILTY: both accepting responsibility for our actions, but also being willing to take responsibility.

FAMILY: as a source of unconditional love and understanding.

FRIENDS: as sources of camaraderie, challenge, and freindship.

We work to help children:
* understand that we live in the United States of America; that it is a very special place because of the freedoms and values our country embodies.|
* understand the importance of religious values: that not everyone shares the same religion, but that all people, regardless of their religion, are deserving of our respect and understanding.
* see challenges as opportunities to grow and learn. We are better able to face our futures when we face them with courage, trust in our abilities and that with knowledge that we can accomplish great things.
* develop the understanding that the world and all those whom we share it are deserving of our love, respect and compassion, regardless of whether they look different, act different, sound different, etc. Intolerable is intolerable.